Hello there, my name is Michelle Lenners, your reliable real estate guide around the Lincoln Market.

Buying my family home prior to joining the field of real estate heavily contributed to my decision when I considered a career change. I barely can remember the agent who assisted me in my home purchase, let alone recognize her and that, to me, is a concern. That inspired my decision to join this field; to leave a lasting impression to each client I interact with, to make this a memorable experience because after all, it is a once in a lifetime investment for most.

Each transaction is an opportunity to connect with my clients; it’s my chance to build relationships that last beyond the transaction period.

While my background in Human Resources gives me a firm background in dealing with clients, it is my strong belief in the benefits of owning a home that makes me ideal for anyone wishing to settle down in the Lincoln Market. I leverage extensive market knowledge, an intrinsic understanding my clients’ objectives and expertise in assessing the trending neighbourhoods, areas that are up-and-coming and available amenities. I make a dedicated effort at making their real estate dreams come true.

Away from real estate, I love travelling for the thrill of exploring places I’ve never been to. I’m also an avid football fan.

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